Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

And Life Goes On

Well, I’m not sure how this will go…. Lol! I just got the urge to start blogging, like many do, after I saw the movie Julie & Julia – great movie btw, I totally totally totally recommend it. It’s odd how one gets influenced by the things that they do or see around them.

I’m concidering getting Julia Child’s biography, as now I’m really intrested in reading about her life. I need some more books to read. I read too fast. Lol!

Today, I had a counseling Appointment down at Sierra College, and it went well. I’m only going to be taking three courses next semester there, ASL 1, Algebra, and an English Course. Pretty easy. It’s 12 units for all three classes. Yay, and hoping that I’ll get into the dorms. Still waiting for the paperwork to come. Should be here sometime this coming month! Will definately let y’all know what happens with that!

I’m looking forward to trying to update daily, as best I can.

For now, I should get going. My younger brother will be home soon, and I need to be ready to help him inside, as he injured himself a few weeks ago, and needs help getting up into the house sometimes.


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