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Well, today. Let’s see, today started way too early for me, if I have any say in the matter. Lol! Slept with Curly again, she did help me sleep. For some odd reason I woke up at 1 AM and was up till around half 2 or so. Sleeping problems suck.

Anyways, I finally got myself up and out of bed around seven thirty or so this morning (still too early if you ask me but eh, I wasn’t going to fall back to sleep, so might as well get up and embrace wide awakeness.. .I guess). I was up in time to see my father, before he left for work, and my brother, before my dad left with him to take him to school.

I watched Elizabethtown (I’ve been in the mood for movies with brittish actors apparently?) and that was good. Going to probably watch it again with mum tonight. That and Easy Virtue. Not sure which one tonight. Both are good. Probably Easy Virtue tonight, in a mood for British accents again, I think.

Today, I don’t have many plans, I’m working on trying to write the next chapter of my story. Which is going well… not really, but I can think positively, right?

Also, I had to spend some time with my cat, who was being extra demanding for attention, only to remember about a half hour ago, that I’m partly allergic to him, so now my eyes itch, and I feel all stuffy. Darn! The price one pays for spending time with a pet who they’re allergic to.*sigh* But I love him and he’s too adorable to not cuddle with, so I guess I just have to pay for wanting to spend time with my fat cuddily cat. Haha!

So, here I am, laying on my bed at my parents house, listening to Truly Madly Deeply, and resisting the urge to sing along. One thing that you’ll find out about me, is that I don’t like singing infront of people, even my parents, but sometimes I do slip up and start singing. Of course, mum has to mention it every single time that she hears me sing. She says she likes to hear me sing.

The song just changed, and I am not in the mood to listen to this one, so I’m going to change, it because I can. Oh this song, Glamorous, reminds me of my prom night, with my group of friends in the limo that we went in. Fun times! Good memories. Funny how specific songs will trigger specific memories that happened during listening to those songs. It’s funny how memories work that way.

I got a job offer today that I think I may take. Who knows. Still concidering it. Five days, of house sitting, which is kind of hard for me as I don’t drive, because I don’t want to, so I’d have to rely on my parents coming to get me and whatnot. I’m ok with staying places by myself – had to get used to it when I moved out for college, but it’s hard with the transportation issues. I probably need to make a decision sooner than later and give her a call.

Great! The song pulled me into singing it as it’s playing. I’m somewhat in a private quiet place, my blue/green bedroom at my parents. I have the only room in the house that’s not a boring white color. I painted it at the begining of this summer with one of my friends — it went from a bright pink color to a beatuful blue/green that I love. Not totally the look that I was going for but I still love it! =] — Anyway, what I was saying before I got distracted with my room color, is that I’m in a private place (my bedroom) so I can sing, somewhat with out worrying about having anyone (anyone being just my mum right now — Dad and my brother being at work and school [in that order – Dad is at work and my brother is at school]) hearing me sing. So I sing quietly just in case.

It’s changed to another song, I just remember the name of it right now. Lol. I got it from my parent’s computer, one of the songs that my brother has downloaded and bought from iTunes, and I forgot to put the name of it, on my iTunes when I put it on. Lol.

Oh, another movie that I love (I’m listening to Way Back Into Love now) is Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant, he’s amazing! And has a great singing voice! You can’t hear his accent when he sings. It’s amazing! Beautiful movie! Way Back Into Love is another song that I can’t help but sing along with. What can I say, It’s got a catchy tune! Haha!

Anyway, I’m going to sign out for now, if I keep on going, I’m just going to end up giving you a play by play of my life and I don’t know if you want to hear my boringness, but eh, I also need to take a break from my computer, so I’m signing off for now.

Till next time, Have a Terrific Day and Enjoy Life!!!


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