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Staring into My Bear’s Eyes

(Just to let y’all know, I wrote this one last night -just wasn’t able to get it up and posted till this morning – so I will be getting another one up today, if all goes well.)

Well, here, I am again, I can’t seem to stop from posting, I’m addicted to blogging! Help! Lol! I’m trying a new format to make it easier for me to organize my thoughts and so I can put multiple things and thoughts into one blog, and make it easier to read and whatnot. Hope it works! Here I go.

Book Related News
(Yes, I admit it.. I’m a BOOK WORM! And Proud Of IT!)
The Lost Symbol
I ordered Dan Brown’s latest book The Lost Symbol the other day and I got the email conformation from, where I ordered it from, that it shipped out today! *SQUEE!* It should be here by the 28th. So excited! I didn’t realize that it was out till like day before yesterday, and was like … OMG! Must have! So I went onto Amazon and found a BRAND NEW copy for around 16 dollars (with shipping and handling it was almost 21 dollars..) not bad not bad at all! Considering that I’m a jobless Young Adult with not that much money to her name. It’s not bad at all. And my mum is quite excited that I’m getting it. I think, if I’m not careful, she’ll try to ‘steal’ it from me so she can read it first. Lol! Even though I’ve specifically stated that I’m reading it before her. We’ll see how that goes. Lol!
Birthday News
My 21st birthday is coming up – 2 months from yesterday (Sept. 23rd). I have absolutely  no idea what I’ll be doing to celebrate. Maybe I’ll just get together with friends?? We’ll see. I have a couple months left to plan. I just wish that Rick could be there. He told me the other day that when I turn 21 I get a new nickname. I wonder what it’ll be. I wanna know now! I’m not good at waiting. Lol! I have to figure out a new nickname for him. But I personally like Adorably Cute Evil Dork (Or A.C.E.D. for short)…. it really does fit him. It does! It really really truly does.
Author Review 
Kristen Hannah and Laurie R. King
I totally recommend any of the books by Kristen Hannah, and also the books by Laurie R. King.
Hannah writes AWESOME romance novels, and they’re not the cheep kinds of books where you can guess the ending. They’re amazingly written and I love them all! I’ve read all but 3 of her books now. And there are about 19 or so books that she’s written. Amazing amazing amazing!
King writes mysteries. Her Mary Russell Series, is a spin off of Sherlock Holmes, and boy oh boy, she knows those characters well! I’m a huge Holmes fan and she give him justice. Taking the original series, by Conan Doyle, and adding her own twist, and embelishing on the characters. I can’t put the books down once I start reading them. Haha! Addicting.
Both of these authors, Hannah and King, are both amazing women, who know how to write amazing novels! If you’re into Romance or Mysteries, definately check these two amazing women out!
Book Review
This book, by Laura Hillenbrand, is an amazing book, one following the career of one of the greatest race horses, Seabiscuit, and how he, The Biscuit, brought together a group of people who were the under appreciated, and helped people believe that miracles do happen. They happen everyday. You just need to believe and understand that “Just because something is broken, it isn’t worthless.”
I give this book Five out of Five stars!
Back to Real Life
Brother’s Interrupt
My younger brother (I am the oldest of two – my brother and I are five years apart in age), just called for the phone, that just so happened to be in my room, because I was going to give a friend a call, but I got distracted with this blog. Lol! So he rolled himself self into my room in his wheelchair (he got in an accident almost two weeks ago now, and he’s unable to walk normally for the time being).
I just made that phone call that I mentioned in my earlier blog, about the house sitting. I’ve decided to do it. Good money, and it will be good to have some more money stashed away, just in case I need some. Ya never know when it will come in handy.
Earlier today, when my brother got home from school (one of his friends dropped him off), we watched the end of Air Force One. Great movie, just can’t watch it all… I have issues with “R” rated movies, but it has some great music, and some pretty good lines (“Get Off My Plane!” GO HARRISON!! Lol! Love him! Even though he’s an old guy, he’s still awesomerific.) so I watch it for the music and those lines that I love. If you haven’t seen it and don’t mind watching “R” rated movies, definately see Air Force One. Definately a must see, and is definately on my list of movies that I love! (And that’s saying something as I’m not normally one for “R” rated movies.
Speaking of movies, I wish that I could find my Seabiscuit movie. I’ve misplaced it and I have absolutely no idea where it is. Makes me sad T_T but I’ll survive… somehow! Lol! *Sings* I will survive! Da Na Na Na Na Na Na!
I’m laying on my bed, reading fan fiction and staring at my newly organized bookshelves, that my dad made for me. It makes me happy that it’s finally organized, and also staring into Curly’s eyes. She’s sitting on the bar stool that I have at the foot of my bed, just to get her out of the way for now. She’s very dear to me. And definately is starting to show wear, but I know in the course of the next three months, I’m definately going to be sleeping with her a lot and taking her with me, because I’m just compulsive and odd like that. She’s special to me and helps connect me to Rick, who was the one who gave her to me for my 16th birthday, as I’ve stated previously.
Anyway, It’s time for me to head back to the next chapter of my fan fic that I really do need to get written and sent off to my Beta, who I feel bad for not getting it to her sooner. Back to writing now, and see if I can get my ‘chatterboxxy’ fingers to allow me to write the chapter that I need to write, and not just random nonsense on here.
Ta Ta for now!

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