Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Well, I meant to start this a bit ago, but I got distracted watching a video with my brother and dad about Yves Rossy, the “Jet Man” (The Video of His Flight Across the English Channel). It’s pretty amazing! And then I got distracted by real life, so of course this blog is comming a day later than I meant it to come. Oh, well.

Anyway, I really don’t know what to put in this blog. Apparently, I’ve lost my train of thought…. hm….

Life, and words, flow by like the river that is in my back yard (Yes there really is a river in my back yard, just look out my door and you’ll see it). They just flow past me and I need to know when to reach out to ‘pick’ them out, to figure out the right words to put on here.

I guess my fingers aren’t as ‘chatterboxxy’ today as they have been in the past. I do mean to update daily, but when my fingers don’t feel like writing, I guess I can’t force them. Lol!

Today is 16 days till he leaves, sad sad. Don’t want him to go, but I can survive! I will survive!

Life flows on, and of course it ‘drags’ me along with it. I might as well get back in my boat and regain control of it. Let’s see how that goes. And where that takes us, shall we?

I’ll try to post a longer post later, but for now, I’m signing out.

Ta Ta for now.


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