Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Here I go again! Lol! Not quite sure what I’ll put but I feel bad for not writing as much in the last few days! Things haven’t been quite as busy as I’d like, but then again, my book came, so I had to read it! Couldn’t put it down. My brain is still on overload about it and I can’t really talk about it, well not quite true, I did tell my brotehr who will probably never read it… but I want to talk to others about it but there are others in this house who want to read it, so I can’t talk about it too much. *sigh* Oh, well, soon hopefully! Soon.
Anyway, once again, I’m home alone. A repeating thing that happens frequently on the week days, but this is mom’s last working weekend, so I won’t be home alone as much. It’s nice having the house to myself, but sometimes it gets a bit lonely.
Fall is definately upon us! the temperature here has dropped drasically. Last week, we were sweating from it being too hot, now I’m wrapped up in blankets, and sweat shirts — fine, one blanket, and a single sweat shirt, and I’m finally warming up. Definately thinking about adding some socks, as my toes are a bit cold still. but we’ll see. I may or may not do that. Kinda lazy over here. Not sure if I wanna get up.
11 days till he leaves, kinda sad, but I know that as soon as that first three months is up, it will be better as I can talk to him again! Hopefully it won’t be too hard.
So, apparently, our cat wants attention, He was laying on my bed, but decided to come out to the living room, where I’m at, and is now curled up on my lap, and kneeding my leg, which hurts… his Claws are sharp.. and purring happily. Well, at least once, of us is happy. Lol!
Going to sign off for now. This isn’t as long as I’d have liked but I’m running out of things to say!
Ta ta for now!

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