Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

A Meeting with John Cleese…. well, fine fine. Not totally meeting him…. but… I do get to go and see him tonight…. LIVE!! Yes! You heard that right! Tonight! I get to go and see John Cleese live! Sooo Super EXCITED!
Ok, yeah, just a wee bit hyper, and not the usual way of starting one of my Blogs, but I couldn’t help myself. Have to get myself out of the boring routine! So, yeah, here I am again, the crazed hyper blonde, who gets to see John Cleese Live..
Anyways, other happyness that’s goin’ on…. I’m going on a short holiday with my mum starting tomorrow and going through Tuesday. We’re going down to the Bay Area and we’re getting to go and visit friends down there. =]
Looking forward to it, definately!
Anyway, suddenly my hyperness is wearing off. Weird!
I need to get goin’ as my laptop is actually starting to die, but I do promise to update soon!
Good Day to y’all and I’ll talk to ya when ever I update next!! ❤

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