Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Wow! It’s 2010! Happy New Year to all my readers, not sure how many of y’all out there are reading this random blog of mine, but if you do read this, Happy New Year!
I didn’t do much for New Years. I did go over to a friends house that I’ve recently gotten back in touch with — long story there — and we had a blast, being girls and giggling over random inside jokes from years back. Which was great! Back to normal! Well, as normal we ever were.
She got me addicted to the Show, Gossip Girl! Which isn’t all that bad, as it is a good show. I’m 2 disks into the 5 disk 1st season the the show and I’m loving it! Hehe!
 I probably should get back to it soon. I’m addicted! Need to watch it. Lol! =P
I’m not really sure what my resolulitions for this coming year are.
But I do know that one is to save money up for a holiday over to Australia… which will hopefully happen within the year!
May this year bring happiness and joy to all all of you!
Happy New Year!

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