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Oh, darn it all…

Wow! I so meant to like not go this long with out posting an update! So sorry! I’ve been insanely busy with Uni this term!
Got less than a week left, my roommate has already moved out (good riddance I say), and all I have to do is survive finals, and I’m done! Through with my fifth term of Uni! Yay for me! ❤
Totally loving where I am right now, loving school, life, and my classes for the most part (except for Exams but then again who does like exams? Crazy people? =P)
I’m feeling like this move in schools was totally right for me. I love being able to go home for weekends if I want to, as it’s just a 45 minute drive away.
Well, summer is FAST approaching, and I’ve got a crazy insane summer lined up. Working three days a week watching my mum’s friends two boys starting on the 7th of June. Then I’m done a bunch of pet sitting starting the 20th of July, and going straight on through the 21st of August (with a wee break at the end of July and beginning of August as we’re going to Yosemite for a Family Holiday with some friends. Should be awesome fun!) Crazy busy working summer, but I’ll be earning enough money for my Australian Holiday that I plan to take around June or so of 2011. ❤ So looking forward to that holiday! Just nervous to be flying 20+ hours one way, alone. But I know I can do it. I’m a big girl now. =P My mum tells me she’s proud of me for being so goal oriented, but in a way, I think she thinks I’m loony for not putting more of my money I earn this summer in savings, but she told me I could take this Holiday if I pay for it all myself, so that’s what I’m doing! Hehe! Of course I’ll set a bit aside for me to spend on basics here and there before I do go, but for the most part I’m saving it for my trip. ^-^
Anyways, not really sure what else to say…. I did get stuck with this girl as my roommate, who at first we got along great, but then, as the term progressed, I just started getting more and more annoyed with her. She left suddenly, with out telling me where she was going or anything like that, on Thursday. She took all her things and just moved out. Which is great! But at the same time, annoying as now I have to clean up her side of the room, under her bed, and all that. Fun! More cleaning to do on top of finals. But to be totally frank, I’m so happy and relieved that she’s gone! Now I can be myself, my normal crazy loony self with out worrying about her judging me! Yay! ❤
I’m also really missing my best friend, who went off and joined the Marines. If he’s reading this, you know who you are. I miss you! So much! I think about you everyday! You’re in my thoughts, and I do hope that you’re keeping yourself safe! Love you!
Anyways, I probably should get myself to sleep as it’s too early and I haven’t slept yet. -sigh- Not tired at all, which is why I think I keep on typing. I have absolutely no idea if this is making a lick of sense. So here I am, signing off.
To any of you, who’ve been waiting for an update, I’m sorry it took me so long to get one out.
Thanks for being so patient!
Love you all!

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