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Sandman Refuses to Come

Well, here I am once again, awake at this ungodly hour of the morning! I swear! It’s way too early – or late, depending on how you look at it, to even be up! But *sigh* I’m here, and wide awake, the night before a bit maths test! At least I got all my work done (even though it did drive me quite a bit insane in the process but I survived…. somehow. Not totally sure what I did to make it through 7 sections of math homework and a review sheet in four days. That was just totally insane… and haha, yeah, it’ll probably happen again before the next exam, which just happens to be the day before Thanksgiving…. oh, lovely! But I’ll take it then so I won’t have any maths homework over the holiday. So that’ll be good.

But all in all, despite feeling like school is out to get me, I’m loving my classes this term. 🙂
But nothing really new to report, other than the fact that I keep on looking over at my laptop clock thinking to myself ‘you should gooooo to sleep, it’s almost 3 am!!’ Yes, self I’m totally aware of the time. Just wanted to stop by and do a little bit of finger rambling on about nothing in particular.

I’m going to sign off for now, I know it’s not long, but yes, I’m still alive, but just barely. Homework has started to bury me alive. Oh, so much fun!

Anyways, till next time.



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