Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness


Sometimes I swear that life is out to annoy me – Finals are evil. I swear they are.. I really only have 2 more… but they’re both covering everything taught over the term. SERIOUSLY! *sighs* I mean, sure I get the subjects, but one of them is the class that I’m having issues in because it’s a TON of reading and I really hate reading textbooks! XD Please just leave me be! I’m a visual learner, and I learn better doing things hands on. I’m feeling lucky though as I’m only missing a but over 9 points in my maths class (I’ve got a strong A). Math for me is a struggle. I’ve got a love hate relationship with it. And the FINAL is on everything covered this term! GAH! How am I supposed to survive that… I’ve got a week before I have to take it… and I’m so not feeling prepared! =[ Despite the fact that I got 100% on Exam 1, 95.5% on Exam 2, 99.5% on Exam 3, 101% on Exam 4, and 101.5% on Exam 5 – I’m still overly nervous. ^.^;; My classmates all tease me because I worry my head off about exams and then I get like a solid A on all of the exams… ^^; The last one that I took (Exam 5) was the one that I actually thought I’d do horribly on, and look.. over 100%! XD Crazy!

Sometimes I wonder.. is this really worth it? I mean schooling — by the time I graduate from college with my degree in Deaf Studies (well with my four year degree) I’ll be 26 and it’ll be around the time that my younger brother (who’s in 11th grade now) graduates from COLLEGE! That’s just absurd! Shouldn’t I be graduating before HIM! I mean he is five years my junior! *sigh* I mean I am doing what I love, but at the same time – is this really where I’m meant to do? Is this really where life wants me to go ? I think I over think things too much.

I guess I just needed to get all of that out. ^^;; Sorry about that, just uber stressed over finals and life at the moment… I so need to get away from this all! My Australian holiday can’t get here soon enough!



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