Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Food is amazing….

Well, I really do need to remind myself to eat more often. I got this craving for Nachos – there are no places within walking distance that accept our meal card (so I’ve not had Mexican in AGES!), so I broke down and went to the Mexican place across from campus (about a 4 minute walk from the dorms that I live in) and got myself a giant to-go box of nachos.. Oh, so amazingly good!! And after I actually ate, it made me feel so much better. And also the fact that I got an A (97%) in my Sign 1 class and managed to get into a sign class here on campus for next term totally makes me so happy and thrilled! ❤

Anyways, life is going good. Got less than one assignment of maths homework left, and just have one more week – going to do my best to remember to go to the ASL club meeting tonight. Don’t Forget! *laughs* Here’s to hoping I’ll remember in time and be able to find the right room. XD

Hope that y’all are doing well! Got my party this weekend! Going to be a blast! ❤



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