Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Wow! I’m so sorry! I’ve been absolute rubbish at actually posting on a schedule that is worth remembering. Things have just gotten totally insane here – well not totally, but basically what happened is I just lost all inspiration to write… DARNED WRITER’S BLOCK!
Anyways, not much has been going on. Just classes and getting super excited about my Australian holiday – which is coming up in about 2 months! CRAZY! I can’t wait! Well, the flight is goin’ to drive me a bit bonkers, but it’s all so worth it. 🙂 I’ll be sure to snap a tonne of photos while I’m there.

Classes are going fairly well – my roommate is great, most of the time – and I feel that I’m managing my classes alright. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed like everything is piling up on me all at once. But I can handle this. I’ve got an assignment for Stats to do due Monday at 8 am (which is just an ungodly hour to have to be up and in class at – if I’m being totally honest), a poem to write for Monday’s English class (*sigh* I’m not a huge fan of poetry), figuring out my painting for my painting class for Tuesday…. And on top of all of that, I’ve got a party to go to tomorrow afternoon – which, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally psyched about (although of all the ‘kids’ there I’ll probably be one of the eldest there…) but with everything that needs to get done, I know that it’s just going to be a blah weekend.

So now, I’m just writing this, and listening to my iPod, which I managed to re-locate when it disappeared. And half dancing on my bed – when I prob should be doing some of the homework mentioned above. Lol. But I felt that I owed it to y’all to actually write something here because I feel so bad for not  posting anything for ages. Although I’m not totally sure what to write – my roommate did just walk out of the room with my umbrella, which is fine with me because mine is better than the other two little ones that we have (the one she took is one of those giant golf umbrellas that is really hard to turn inside out) and I’m not planning on going outside anytime soon.

I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense at all. Mainly just rambling, and keeping my fingers crossed that whatever I write down makes sense, but I apologize now for anything that feels to ya that I’m just goin’ on and on about nothing really – well, that is what I am doing so if you’re getting the feeling that I am rambling, then I guess it’s working? *shrugs*

Anyways, I would love to hear from any of you who are actually reading this – if anyone is really reading this. And I just writing this for myself? Is anyone really out there reading my total ramblings of my totally boring and drab life? *shrugs* It’s interesting and a good way to get things out definitely.

Oh, yeah, and if you can’t get it from the title, I was listening to Candles – the version sung by Glee actors Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, that I just bought off of iTunes from the most recent Episode of Glee (Original Song). I’m hopelessly addicted to that show. 😛 It’s quite sad actually and both my roommate and I were both totally squealing like fan girls at this most recent episode. Yeah, not saying anything other than it definitely had some ADORABLE and CUTE parts in it, that made it one of my all time fave eppies yet! Ok, yeah, before I give anything away I’m changing the subject, but I will say before I leave this topic, that the duet (darn! I just gave something away) that was sung by the boys, was amazing. ❤ So cute and adorable… can you tell that I’m pro Blaine and Kurt? Lol!

Ok, next totally random topic, it’s totally pouring here, if you didn’t pick that up from the fact that my roommate walked out to go outside (I’m assuming to pick up dinner?) with my umbrella – totally and absolutely windy and pouring rain. Apparently it started to snow on mum when she was in town earlier… crazy! But sadly no snow here – just rain… lots and lots and lots of rain… XD So sick of the rain. *shrug* But I guess it’s a good thing?

Anyways, I feel that I’ve been rambling along too much now, and hope that this didn’t bore y’all (if anyone is reading this). Till next time, and I’ll do my best to not wait forever and a day to post back again!



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