Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Wow, yes…. I’m in love with the show Numb3rs. Those of you who’re reading this, if you know me well enough you’ll find out that I do have a dislike of math- mainly because at times the point of it all evades me, but this show… oh my gosh, I love it! ❤ I just love how simple they bring things down, to the level where the every day person can understand the totally crazy and complex math formulas that they are using to catch whom ever they are trying to catch. It actually makes sense to me – the names of the formulas and the different things that they’re doing in them make no sense at all, but I just love how it’s got the humour in there as well. Just totally makes me smile. And yes, I had to share that, because I’m awesome and y’all love me for it.

I’ve been told by a few people who’ve read this, that my comments aren’t working properly? That’s weird – you know what I think… electronics are out to annoy us, and this is just yet another way that it’s doing that. Electronics, you can’t beat us…. well, you can because you really are smarter than… well, me at least. Y’all would laugh at me if you saw me glare/growl… etc… at my laptop sometimes. It just has issues with me, I swear it does! But never mind that – I get along with it, most of the time. And I seem to be having a love affair with periods and dashes. -giggles- they’re just so random and fun and I love ’em! And also writing weirdly – I seem to mix up a bit of English, Southern and then my own accent (Californian) and combine ’em all up. Just makes me laugh.

Y’all know what? I’ve actually been asked before (online) where I lived (where I was from) and I was like “I’m a Californian, born and raised.” And I really don’t think whomever it was who asked me, believed me. I really am a United Stated citizen – and I’ve only been out of the country once (soon to be fixed with my upcoming holiday down to Australia….! CAN’T WAIT!!!) to go to Ireland with my family. That was a total blast – back in 2006. So want to go again as well. Anyways, yes, this is my total random randomness blog, that I’m just letting my brain go where ever it wants to go. Hehe! Soooo if it doesn’t make much sense, bouncing from topic to topic…. I’m sorry. It may just be a big waste of time, but hey! At least I’m having a giggle (or two… or ten) writing this. Hope that you all who’re reading this are too.

Anyways, I’m going to go and bounce around a bit, maybe watch another show of Numb3rs, maybe go down to the Rec Room to join my roommate who’s down there apparently – or maybe take a nap? Food sounds lovely too… Bleh, how to choose! Eenie Meenie Miney Moe? Does anyone even do that anymore? I probably totally spelled all of that totally wrong… -shrug- Oh well, y’all know what I mean.

Anyways, ok, really signing off now… Love to y’all and hopefully I’ll remember to update soon!


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