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Apparently it’s not just with this blog that I seem to have issues figuring out what I want to say. I have to write a blog every few weeks for my LGBT Studies/Queer Theory course (in fact I had one due on Friday before 9 am, which I did manage to get done and turned in on time online…. THANKFULLY!) But I totally struggled with how I wanted to write it. To be totally honest, I think that the reason that I was having trouble starting it was I wasn’t exactly sure the direction that I wanted it to go. My thoughts felt like they were all over the place and weren’t cooperating with me. Also, I think it’s also the fact that we have to put it up where not just our professor can read it, but everyone else can read it at all. But hey, you know what, It’s my own opinion and sure, there will probably be people who don’t agree, but we don’t have to agree. We’re allowed to think different things.


Just kinda rambling here, nothing really that I wanted to say. I feel like I can ramble more here, as I don’t necessarily have a topic – other than the ones that I give myself, but those usually end up branching off and going in a direction that I didn’t necessarily mean it too. But that’s not always bad.

I also rarely edit my pieces that I put up here. Rough drafts, that I’m sometimes just trying to get something out. There is something relieving about writing for an audience that you mostly don’t even know. Just letting one’s fingers fly over the keyboard writing whatever they want to – well, not exactly, but that’s how I feel sometimes. Like my fingers seem to have a mind of their own.

I have a weird way of spacing these posts out sometimes. I tend to just make a new paragraph (if you can call them that), whenever I feel like it. Of course I don’t have to use any formatting at all, and it’d just be a huuuuge block of text, but smaller paragraphs are easier to read, I think. 🙂 Are they? -shrug-

Actually there was an essay that I had to write that was due this past Thursday in my History class that really didn’t have any kind of formatting that she required, other than the proper heading…. it was a bit weird, honestly. As I’m so used to professors going “you need to do this, and then this… before covering this… and then to finish it do this.” She totally didn’t do that at all! Threw me off, and I did write it – am a bit nervous to find out how I did on it.

Anyways, I did manage to finish all my work for this past week. Finished reading my book that we were supposed to have read by Friday at 9 am and hahahah, we got a bit caught up in our discussion and pushed the quiz till next week. ROFL! At least I have the book read. 🙂

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend Kim, and it’s been a blast every time. It’s just great to be able to get out of the dorms, even if it is for the afternoon, and her family is great as well. 🙂 Lots of laughs whenever we spend time together. Yesterday we saw this sign that said “Don’t follow this sign.” And now what do we want to do… follow if of course!! If we do that, I’ll let y’all know what comes out of that. Probably just more random giggles and silliness.

Anyways, totally got sidetracked there – I need to go and do some History Reading.

Till next time..


Edit: I got my feedback on my blog that I wrote for my LGBT Studies/Queer Theory class and I got a 95 out of 100 (because I didn’t add in as many exact quotes as he’d have liked, but now I know what to go for in my next one. Just gives me something to improve on.)

This is what my blog post was – copied and pasted from my blog on the class website. 🙂


Blog 1
I am going to be totally honest here and just say first that I’ve been struggling with how to put my feelings into words. It’s been tough. Of course, for me, everything that we’ve been reading so far, and been watching aren’t struggles that I face myself, being straight, but honestly – so far, all this has done is make me want to stand up and say that I don’t care what people think. I totally understand the anger that is expressed in Queers: Read This; I get why they are are pissed off, and I agree that they do have a right to be pissed off. Given all that they have gone through, being repressed and everything, it’s not healthy to keep all that anger in, and let it fester. Sometimes letting it out, not in a violent way, but just letting it out is a good thing, as keeping it bottled up inside isn’t good for a person. It can drive a person mad to keep it all inside with no way to let it go.

For me, watching Before Stonewall, really made me realize how hard it was for those who didn’t fit the ‘norms’ of society. How tough it was for them to fit in. It really bothered me how they had to hide who they really were, which just doesn’t seem right – having to hide just because who you were wasn’t ‘acceptable’! It really did make me think about how much has changed over the years. Sure things are still bad, but they definitely don’t seem as bad as it was back then. Things have definitely changed, that’s for sure.

It really is sad when someone isn’t able to be who they honestly are, and have to do things that they personally aren’t comfortable with, just because it’s what is expected of them. If one doesn’t want to do something, they shouldn’t be forced into doing it. Letting oneself get out of your own comfort zone will just make things harder on yourself. So what if it’s not what society expects you to do?! Just do what ever feels right to you! The fact that in Rainy River, he goes off to war because he is a coward and couldn’t get himself to just be honest and true to himself and let himself get twisted by the moral social expectations that the government and those around him expected of him. Just makes me sad.

I can say, that so far, this class really has made me think about how I view the world and others around me. It’s given me a new way to look at those who I see on a daily basis around campus. I’ve never been one to judge – I come from a very open minded family – but I’ve never really given myself the chance to really see, and I really am looking forward to what else is coming our way.


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