Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Survived the semester!!!

Hey! About time that there is an update! I finished the semester yesterday…. so loving the fact that I’m done with the semester. I’m so ready for a break! Six whole weeks off! Oh boy, this is going to be an amazing break! ❤  Love love love!

I got home on Friday afternoon/evening is more like it, to a parcel (the first one of two) from my awesome Australian friend. Christmas present, hoping that the other one is in the post and will be here by tomorrow -bounce bounce bounce- I opened the gifties early even though they were for Christmas and they’ve already come in handy.

Me with the Hat and Fingerless Gloves that she made for me ❤

There was also an adorable little kitty paw-print stocking that I’m so using for my kitty this Christmas! ❤ Love them a lot and I’m wearing them both as I type this! They are really helping to keep me warm. 🙂

We just got back a bit ago – earlier this afternoon, from an Annual Christmas party, that was a ton of fun. Lots of giggles and a jolly good time all around. It was good to see everyone. 🙂

My goal to myself for this break is to actually finish writing my NaNoWriMo novel, and start to edit it and get it to the point where I feel ok sharing it with others to have them edit it. But we’ll see how things go. I’ve got a good editing program, that I hope will help me make my novel make sense. 🙂

Anyways, on to relax, watch some NCIS and get my novel started in Editing and writing more. Happy evening. 🙂


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