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Trying to play catch-up

So it’s been too long since I’ve posted on here – so much has been going on. XD

I’m loving all my classes even if they are slowly driving me insane. I’m taking communication experience and physical anthropology on Monday’s and wednesdays. And then intro to critical thinking, history 17b, and ASL IV on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s a full schedule but I like it. Have amazingly cool professors who make their subjects worth learning. Definitely helps to Have a teacher who loves the subject they teach.

I’m also trying to get myself to figure out how much time I have left with school as part of me is feeling that it’s taking too long. And I’m starting to feel discouraged. But I can do this — I can do this!

I’ve met a new friend who’s in my ASL IV class who happens to know another friend who I know since high school , weird but pretty cool – it’s nice to have someone who I can practice my signing with.

((also sorry if there are any mistakes as I’m writing this on my iPod))

Anyways time for me to get back to my friend and the movie marathon we’re having. I’ll post more later! ❤



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