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Fighting through the Colds

Oh, I rather dislike the feeling of waking up feeling downright miserable (mainly chest cold feelings and a rather nasty sore throat), especially when you have to do something — like write a paper (like I did this morning) — it’s still not done, btw.. I still need to go and add in four more terms from lectures and the book… etc… it’s driving me absolutely mental. Thankfully it’s almost done.

I’m going back to my room after this, making myself a nice cup of peppermint tea, and going to sleep. I’ve so not been sleeping enough. And stressing about assignments for classes, which is never any fun at all… so need to get myself to stop stressing.

I’ve recently joined pintrest (the link is on the main page of my blog at the top – where it says follow me — click it and it’ll take you to my page. I’ve been working on my bucket list on there and that’s totally gotten me thinking. I also want to try to set a goal for myself… like blogging every day for a month.. I totally swore to myself back when I started this blog that that’s what I’d do – and I’ve epically failed… although, at least I’ve not let it die completely and do post in it — eh… somewhat often – mainly whenever things strike me and I need to say something. I do know that I have a few followers, some awesome friends, but in all honestly, I don’t know who reads my blogs – I mainly just ramble on and if any of you can keep up with my ramblings, then good for ya! ❤ Thank you for putting up with my lack of posts and all of that.

I’m so procrastinating at the moment – I’ve got my Comm paper doc open but what am I doing? I’m on here, writing this blog post instead of going through the books and papers that I’ve got next to me.

Although I’m somewhat figuring out, in my head, what I need to do with my definitions that I need to add into this paper.

Question to those of you who do read: What do you think of the fact that Prop 8 here in California has been deemed unconstitutional and there is the possibility if it goes to the supreme court here, and they find it unconstitutional that all 50 states will have to recognize Gay marriage (from what I understand at least)? Do you agree, disagree? Don’t have an opinion at all? ((Totally random and not related at all, I went to write opinion and for some reason my fingers wrote onion… xD)– only reason that I’m asking, is because this is what my assignment is about – analyzing a conversation that I had with a friend over Prop 8 and how apparently we both have VERY different opinions on the matter. -shrugs- Doesn’t matter if you answer or not, just food for thought.

Anyways, I better get this essay done, enough procrastinating, as I need a nap – so bad – was fighting staying away in Intro to Crit Thinking and History 17B… not good to do when going over what’s on the exam (in Crit Thinking) that’s next class, and trying to take lots of good and detailed notes from lecture in History. XD >.< I survived, but now I’m listening to music in the library as I need to print this essay when I’m done with it, and then.. NAP TIME!

Ok, wrapping up for now, time for me to get my fingers back on track and working on writing & Editing this freaking essay so I can turn it in tomorrow at 8 am…. Fun times!

Happiness and smiles to you all from me up here in the totally confused (weather wise) state of California and hope that you all are having fantastic days no matter where you are!


PS – I totally spaced and posted this before I could wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ ❤


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