Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

I just wanted to share some photos that I’ve been messing with with one of the new apps that I got in my iPod awhile back. 🙂 Plus some others that I’ve taken on my iPod which I’m rather proud of. 🙂 They’re in no particular order, just whichever ones I find first when going through my photos on my iPod. Haha!

sunset off parent’s back deck over Winter Holidays at home

A collage that I made with just a few of the photos that I got when I was down in Australia

My adorable kitty! ❤

Parent’s back yard – loved the clouds! ❤

Taken at the Cosumnes River Preserve

Amazing Clouds – taken on campus the other week

Taken only a short while after the previous photo was taken
Taken at the campus where I take my ASL IV class – which isn’t the main campus that I live on.

I didn’t take this but I found it awhile back somewhere, and it made me giggle.

Taken on a walk with a friend

Another photo that I took on the walk with my friend

Me and my friend who I took the photos with (the last two tree/sunset photos)
Made on my imikimi app

Horsie picture of me – made on the imikimi app

Because I do! ❤ The couple is John Barrowman and Scott Gill
Made on my imikimi app


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