Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Procrastinating yet again!

Well, looks as if Spring has hit Northern California earlier than normal this year. This warm weather is definitely something that I’m finding myself enjoying. ❤ Warrrm weather! Something that made me giggle yesterday was I was talking to a friend and she wants one week of fall, one week of spring, and then 11 1/2 months of summer, and skip winter all together. 😛 Just felt like sharing it because it gave me a giggle at the time that we were talking about it.
Anyways, I’m putting off heading off to Starbucks to work on my homework like I usually do on the weekend – I’ve got an Anthro blog to do, studying for my comm experience exam on Wednesday, and then my ASL IV 2 min presentation on an accident which I’m doing on Tuesday night. But that last one won’t be too hard, just have to figure out my 5 Classifiers that I’m going to use.

My Sis just texted me and had to remind me via facebook that she texted me for some reason, I didn’t feel my phone vibrate… EPIC FAIL!! HAHA! That made me laugh. Oh, the things that are crazy weird, that you just wonder how you don’t hear something, or feel something, vibrate when it’s sitting right next to me. Well, near me.

Anyways – it’s 11 am, and I’ve still not gotten out of bed — crazy lazy person me! >.<

And I should be working on homework, seems to be a recurring theme here… whenever I post a blog, it’s usually when I should be doing homework. I seem to be using this blog as a form of procrastination. Although if it wasn’t this blog, it’d be something else.

I’m currently having giggles over a John Barrowman concert video on my iPod, man, this man makes me laugh. Special special man he is.

Ok fine. I’m going to make myself get up, get dressed in proper clothes, and head out to get some homework done, so I don’t feel bad about putting things off. >.<

I’ll do my best to post again tomorrow, depends on how things are coming along with my homework, and whatnot.

Much love to you all! xox


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