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Severe Case of Text Anxiety

So I have my first BIG exam in my Communication Class tomorrow, and honestly, I’m freaking out over it… I managed to get EVERYTHING (for the most part) onto one piece of binder paper, front and back… don’t ask me how, and the question will be – can I actually read my own hand writing when it comes down to actually using it tomorrow. >.<; -sigh- Doesn’t help either that my comm prof keeps on telling us “you will need more time” “I leave when the class is over” “I am a hard tester…” *GONK* SERIOUSLY?! Why would she do that?! 😦 It doesn’t help me not freak out! 😦 THAT’S MAKING it worse…

Eh, yeah, anyways – enough of me whining (there has been enough of that in the last blog to last awhile. >.< I’m probably freaking out over nothing, as per usual, as I typically psych myself out, and then it’s like *EASY* Why was I freaking out over that?! type of thing… it happens far too often, and honestly, I start laughing at myself… I’m probably just doing that all over again. 😛 IT HAPPENS FAR TOO OFTEN!

It’s like the Boy Who Cried Wolf — I’m the Woman Who Compains too much about tests who turn out to be easy.

But that’s way too much of a mouthful… I make myself laugh sometimes!

Well, I’m honestly surprised as to how many blogs I’ve managed to write in this month! 😀 I’m definitely going to try to get one in tomorrow — *LEAP DAY!!* Why am I writing things in caps with * * around them? IDK… I’m strange, apparently! We all know by now I’m a strange woman, who’s definitely quite mental – I blame school and just life – but haha, of course it’s not just that — It’s just how I am, and I am who I am… not goin’ ta change anything! 😀 Because I ish special and I embrace the specialness! ❤

Anyways, I’m just rambling now, and attempt to get to sleep — before 11 pm… *SHOCK* I know?! Totally unlike me — I’ll probably give up and muck around online, for a bit — and be a bum, before passing out and then glaring at my alarm when it wakes me up so I don’t sleep through class… THAT’D BE BAD!! No sleeping through the exam… >.<

Anyways, time for this rambling, sort of sleep deprived, mental college student to try to head to bed, and bid you all goodnight (it’s night here where I am… so that’s all that counts! ;))

Night! xox


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