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A Very Blustery Day

Wow, all I can say is – I’m glad that I’m not something that would get easily blown around because the wind out there right now… pure madness! So crazy windy – definitely makes it nippy – at least I’ve not had to get out my jacket – it’s all folded up in my bag at the moment where I put it earlier before going to Johnnie’s class earlier. I’m currently wondering why I don’t close the window that is wide open and letting gusts of wind into the room.

Although I am buried under piles *well fine – really just the two blankets, but they’re folderd and make it feel like more than 2.

Not really sure what else I wanted to put here. I do have to say that I do like how it comes down as a drop down thingie (yes, using REAL technical terms here) when I want to post a new post. Actually like that more than blogger – where I just moved my blog over from.

Ok, so the reasons behind the username on here. I love American Sign Language. And I’m constantly signing – and I am hearing, my whole family is hearing. I really don’t know anyone (other than a few people I’ve met in the community, and my teachers) who is deaf. It really is a beautiful language, and I truly believe that more people should learn – at least the basics.

It bothers me when people think of the Deaf as disabled. =[ They are just people who have their own methods of communication, that is different than we – as hearing people, are used to. They are a unique and beautiful culture, who most people seem to misunderstand. Before you judge someone, just because they’re different, you should get to know them.

Anyways, kinda went way off the topic of the ridiculous wind. >.< I’m going to get going for now, and try to get in a brief nap in before I go and meet up to head to our late class tonight.

Hope that you all have a great rest of your day, no matter where you are!



Comments on: "A Very Blustery Day" (2)

  1. It’ been a bit blustery here too today. Not enough to burry myself under any blanket yet but that could change this evening when the sun goes down and this wind keeps up!

    Loving the technical terms, you sound just like me trying to describe something to someone else…it’s a hoot. xoxo

    • Hopefully it didn’t get too cold! It’s been that sunny/cold days here lately. -shivers- Run to class, run back to my room – bury self under blankets! ROFL! That’s pretty much how it goes here now. 😛

      Does it get cold there come fall? I remember the coldness of winter. =P

      And hehe! Yeah, it definitely does keep things interesting! ^_^
      Super duper technical terms, for the win! 😉


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