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Been too long since I’ve posted here. Totally crazy weekend – and I’ve been crazy busy. Been up at Starbucks for awhile trying to do homework – failing miserable.

Anyways, I’m here instead of doing homework – totally something that seems to be what happens. But I’ll get it all done, eventually.

I think I have my next big trip planned, but I need the money first. I’m hopefully going to be able to go out over Christmas Holiday of this year – out to Kentucky to visit cousins out there. Fingers crossed it works out! I miss them so much!

I just know that it’d not be as long a flight – and would only cost me about 450$ to 500$ for a ticket. So not too bad – considering – round trip ticket (of course).

Looks like I’ll be at Sacramento State with a major in ASL and minor in Communications for Spring of ’13… Finally moving up to the ‘big leagues’. 🙂 Makes me happy to actually feel like I’m doing something with my schooling. Working on it… slowly but surely. ^_^

Anyways, I really do need to try to get my homework done and turned in … blah…. Daylight Savings Time is THROWING me off! >.< Gah!

Much love from Cali! xoxo


Comments on: "Daylight Savings Time Messes Me Up" (2)

  1. Daylight savings mucks everyone up. I know we’re due for it soon but I’ve forgotton what we were up to! Are we turning the clock forward an hour or back one!? Gah, either way I’ll be be all screwed up for at least a week or so.

    Hope you’ve managed to get un messed though.

    A holiday visiting family is always fun especially if they live a fair way from you, you’ll have a ball! 😀

    • Oh, it totally does! It’s evil!! >….< And traveling around the holidays… Scary… I can do this. if I can survive an international trip over there, I can survive a flight from California to Kentucky! 😛 ^_^ And ya think I'm a crazy photo taker — my twin cousins who live out there – who'd I'd be going to visit (them and their family) — they're even more insane than me! I'd be coming home with probably 4000 to 5000 photos! Haha! ❤

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