Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

I just went out to lunch, and a short lunch, with my mom, and oh my goodness, there were some amazing clouds!

((Those of you who don’t know me, I’m in love with clouds! <3))

Yeah, beautiful poofy white clouds! ❤ I kept on stopping and going “CLOUDS!!!!!” I’ve got a pretty bad case of ADO…C! Attention Deficit, ohhhh! Clouds! 😛

Anyways, and then we got home and were out on our back deck and I turned to walk inside and saw my happy kitty, on the back door mat, upside down in the sun. Totally adorable, he is! ❤

My sweet kitty, who lives with my parents, because sadly I’m not allowed pets at the dorms at school! D:

But at least I get to see him this week! ❤ My big happy kitty! xox

Thankfully today is a bit warmer than it’s been – kinda feeling like spring, although my decision to wear a short sleeved shirt… not the best idea in the world, I have to say. >.<

Maybe it’s time for me to go and find a jacket! 😛 If I can find it that is.

On another note, before I make myself get back to my school work that needs to get done… I may be going up to Lake Tahoe with my sister on Saturday, maybe for the day, possibly for the night… we’ll see if we can find a room that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

Anyways, if I do go, keep an eye out for photos as I’m sure that a few of them will find their way onto here.

Ok, time to get back to my history assignment…. blah… homework over spring break… so shouldn’t be allowed! >.<

Bye for now!



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