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Day 8 – Challenging

I was dying eggs with my mom today and I decided to try to make a rainbow egg using only the primary colors, it was definitely a challenge, but thankfully they turned out looking pretty nifty!

And now my fingers have different colours all over them, but it was so worth it! ❤

Also a big Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate! 😀



Comments on: "Day 8 and Happy Easter!" (2)

  1. Wow I love these, they looked great! Have you tried the “cracked” egg look? I did it this year (but forgot to get a photo dang it all).

    You hard boil the egg in food coloured water then take it out crack the shell up (only crack not remove) and pop them back in the water for 2 mins max and take them out again. Once they’re cool enough, peel the shell of and you’ll have a “cracked” looking hard boiled egg as the food colouring would have seeped in along the cracks! 😀

    Have fun giving that ago!

    • Thanks! I was totally afraid the first one (the one that is more mixed) was going to turn out just a jumbled mix of colors. Oh, I’ve not tried that, but next time I’m home I’ll give it a try! Sounds awesome! 😀

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