Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Day 17

Day 17 – Last FO you used

Haha, well, using photography as my topic, I’m kinda cheating but this is the last FO I used but it was made by my awesome friend Dez! ❤ I love my hat!



Comments on: "Day 17" (2)

  1. Hee!! And I loved making it for you….now if I could find that bucket of spare time I might get around to finishing my own one of these days.

    • 😀 It’s very good at keeping my head warm on those cold days, but with the warmer temps upon us (I think… hopefully no more cold rainy days… I’m tired of the cold) It’ll sit waiting for those cold days, as when it’s warm/hot, it makes my head too warm. 😛
      And haha, yeah, spare time… it loves to find those little hiding places where you aren’t normally able to find it. Darned bucket of spare time. I need to try to find mine as well. Maybe ours went off on holiday without us?

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