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Well, I totally fell in love with the pic a day for this past month so I’m going to challenge myself to yet another 31 days for the whole month of May- so here I go… this is the list of the prompts for each days pic (thanks to Dez for sending this my way!):

1. Self Portrait
2. What I wore
3. Clouds
4. Fave Colour
5. Someone I love
6. Childhood Memory
7. Something New
8. Technology
9. Faceless Self Portrait
10. Something I Made
11. Something Fun
12. Close up
13. From a Distance
14. Flowers
15. My Shoes
16. What I ate
17. On the Shelf
18. In my Bag
19. Where I slept
20. What I Read
21. Pretty Pattern
22. Trees
23. Sunset
24. A Smile
25. Sunflare
26. Something Old
27. After Dark
28. Daily Routine
29. Purchased
30. In Motion
31. Beloved Pet

So stick around for these pictures, I’ve already got a few ideas for some of these!



Comments on: "Next Challenge to Self – Another 31 Days of Pictures" (2)

  1. LOL most welcome! However I’m not attempting this challenge myself until June….got to get my hand better so i can finish a whole lotta WiPs that are piling up here.
    Will be cheering you on though not to worry there!!

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