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Day 10 – May

Yay! Back on posting schedule with my midnight-ish post before heading to bed.
OK! Picture time! :p

10. Something I Made

So this was a sketch that took me about a good half hour to do – it’s drawn from our spot up on the beach at Tenaya Lake up in Yosemite back in August of ’10. Amazingly gorgeous! 🙂

Before I sign off I need to include another picture:

I have to say, I am proud of our president for saying this. Makes me respect him! 🙂

Just had to share that! Ok! Off to bed for the horribly insomniac college student. XD

Night y’all!


Comments on: "Day 10 – May" (2)

  1. I agree Obama isn’t our president but i full agree with this statement.
    I remember back in the 80s (god now I’m showing my age here) the cry I remember hearing the most was “love is colour blind” and “love doesn’t care about colour”. Now people are a lot more accepting of inter racial relationships which is great!!
    Now the cry for me is “love doesn’t care if they’re the same sex why should we?” I’m shouting it and I hope more people do too!!

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