Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Day 15 – May

15. My Shoes

My little flats that I’m in love with – I bought them last October to go with my Halloween outfit but I’ve grown to love these shoes! Now that it’s hot and not raining, I wear them all the time! (Although, I do have to wear them with arch support inserts as without those, my feet start killing me.)


Comments on: "Day 15 – May" (2)

  1. Too cute!! Come to think of it o have a pair of flats I adore too. They’ll be out and about again come spring you watch!!

    • Yeah, I love these little guys! ^.^ I was able to wear them most of winter because of our crazy warmness that was winter – rains didn’t really come around here till February… CRAZY weird! 😀 I’m just glad that I broke these shoes in and it didn’t take too long because before they were broken in, I was having to wear bandaids on the backs of my feet because they were giving me blisters. XD

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