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Days 17 & 18 – May

Sorry for the delay by a day in getting my post up – yesterday was my last day of classes so it was filled with finals, last minute studying, lunch with friends, and then packing packing and more packing. I’m back home now, headed out to unload the truck of all my things as soon as I post this. So here you go! 2 days of pictures today! 🙂


17. On the Shelf

So this is just some of my books – I decided to show my Harry Potter nerdy side – all of my first edition well loved and well read books that sit on the top shelf of my bookshelf here at home. ^_^ Love these books! ❤

18. In my Bag

So, I’m in the process of moving home. so here are a few of my many bags of stuff that I have! Books and papers and random stuff! -nod nod-

Anyways, I’m off to eat some Mac and Cheese, and then unload the truck so I can start figuring out what needs to be washed and whatnot!

Happy Summer (or if you’re down in the other Hemisphere – Happy almost Winter!) 😛


Comments on: "Days 17 & 18 – May" (2)

  1. *frozen waving* happy almost summer from almost winter-land

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