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Back to School…

Well, I’m back at school!

And I have a new laptop – a MacBook Pro and an awesome new camera, both of which my parents bought for me! So excited and happy!
I’m totally loving this, although get back to me in a few weeks after I’ve gotten used to being back. *lol*

This is the view from my new dorm room window. (had to angle it as we’re on the corner of the building and the Dorm Parking Lot and the dumpsters are within view of the window as well. *lol* But looking this way it’s alright. 🙂

I’m looking forward to this semester, we’ll see how it goes though.


I also found out a few weeks ago that I’m only three units away from getting my AA in Deaf Studies, so I’m freaking Stoked about that! ❤
And then I’ll hopefully be going to CSUN come Fall of ’13. Getting closer! Getting closer!

Anyways, I’m going to sign off here. I’ll do my best to update now that I’m back on WiFi more regularly than I was this summer.


Love you you all! xoxo


Comments on: "Back to School…" (2)

  1. Dez the Aussie Yarn Cat said:

    Back at classes again already!! It seems too soon but I guess that’s normal. Pretty nice view from your room though. Hope you’re settling in okay. *hugs*

    • Oh, I agree! This summer went by WAY too fast for my liking, but yeah, usually it’s a week later but for some reason this year we’re starting on the 20th and not the 27th. Weird! Yeah, I like the view, as long as I look the right direction, we’re on the corner near the Dorm parking lot and the dumpsters. xD And so far it’s going good, thankfully! About to head off to get some food before my 11 am class. =]

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