Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

So, I just have to brag and gloat, and I am not getting around to this only due to my hands totally hating me yesterday – although I got over it, and signed through the issues last night (ran into a friend of a friend who knows ASL and we kiiiiiinda went to town – what a blast that was – only signing back and forth. Totally amazing).

Anyways, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year, and I am feeling completely empowered at the moment as I managed to already hit 50,000 words in *drum rooooooll* 7 days! My novel is no where near finished so I am definitely not stopping there, but I am hoping to get to 75k or something like that. We’ll see where these characters go! ❤ But I am feeling great at the moment, despite keeping myself back from writing for two straight days – no writing today… not allowed. HAHA! ❤

Just wanted to share that achievement with you all!

And omg, before I leave, I have to share something else, and I do have a picture that I will include as well. SO this past week – well Tuesday the 6th through Thursday the 8th was Pride Days on my school campus and one of our presenters that we had was Ann Bannon – the Queen of Lesbian Pulp Fiction from the 50’s – and she came to give a presentation and I managed to get a picture with her!!! Freaking amazing!

All around, it was a great week – an insane week – filled with lots of awesome memories and accomplishments.
Good luck to all of you peoples doing NaNo this month! You all can do it! I have faith in you! ❤
It is most definitely possible to do around school, while being sick… it’s just harder, but not impossible!

Happy Writing! ❤


Comments on: "I’m the WriMo Robot – who is insane!" (2)

  1. Holy moly! I’ve been watching you via FB with you WriMo word totals! You were totally a writing machine! To be honest I am suprised your hands alowed you to make this entry without packing their bags and going on holidays!
    Well done on achieving the word total though, you’ll totally hit 75k by the end of the month if you keep this rate going. Just don’t do yourself an injury! *hugs*

    • Oh, I managed to surprise myself and they started threatening it on like the last 500 words before I hit 50k, and I kept on misspelling words, and huge typos. But I am fine with typing little things like this, but no crazy writing sprints for me right now. I do have a few major projects that need me to focus on them, but I can hopefully get those done, and also achieve 75k, we’ll see.
      I’ve been icing my wrists – mainly my right one – yesterday, and I am not letting myself get near my novel today as well to give them a break and I am going to try not to type any more than I have to. 😛
      And haha, I am surprised that they let me write this post as well. *lol* >.<

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