Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

So first off, I am at 60k with my novel and still going strong. Totally shocking me how fast this is going for me. Hannah and David – my characters – are very chatty, that’s for sure!

Just before I hit 50k, I was struggling and so I decided to throw my characters for a loop and throw the 10th Doctor into it. Sure he was just in a dream, but it made me laugh, that’s for sure. Here’s a little snippet of that part that totally made me bust up laughing:

“Who are you?”
“I told you… I am The Doctor.”
“Doctor Who?”
“Yes, precisely. That is who I am.”
“No, I asked you, who are you?”
“I am called The Doctor.”
She just looked at him like he was crazy, which she supposed that he was. But nothing new there. That was the fun of this… he loved the insanity that this caused, but he really did want to help. Before she could respond, he pressed another button before grabbing his coat and put it on as he ran to the door.
“Ok, off we go! we are here!”
“Wait, where is here

Just between Hannah (my main female character) and 10. Just totally made me laugh.

Also my main male character was explaining children’s laughter and this is how he explained it. Or at least it was a tiny bit of his explanation.

And so funny and cute and just contagious, just like yawning, but cuter.

Just the little things that come out of NaNo. Definitely! And then earlier I was on Facebook chatting with some people on there and someone was mentioning Firewood and my fingers – in typing a response – typed Fire Food instead of Firewood. XD

And oh, yay for firewood (and apparently my fingers decided that first go was firefood – although firewood is firefood, so it works right? :P)<3

But I caught myself in time and managed to correct it before hitting enter to send it. xD Oh, the NaNoisms. ROFL!

Anyways, happy noveling to those of you doing NaNo this month. And if you aren’t then hope that you are having a great Fall (STAY WARM!) or Spring, depending on where you are!



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