Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Ok, so I have been epically failing at posting blogs, because I’ve been crazy busy, and back with my parents with only minimal internet, so I haven’t been on much – I have been taking a few photos, and posting them over to my facebook photo page, which I can give to you, or rather I can link in here or in a later post if you are interested. You can also just facebook search – Molly Ahola Photography – if you are interested in looking at those. Makes it easier than having to save them and then uploading them here. I am just feeling lazy.

So, an update from me – so I have officially finished at the Community College that I have been at… 5 years later, and one degree switch – and I am now waiting to hear back from the state colleges that I applied for back in October. It’s between Sacramento State and Cal State Uni Northridge [CSUN] (which is basically down in LA, but not, but yeah, close enough – it’s technically in Northridge, but if LA makes more sense to you, then go for it. *lol*). But I don’t hear back from them till March, so now I’m just anxiously sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation because I just wanna know – CSUN is my top choice and I reallllly hope that I do get in. Of course it is farther away from home than Sac State is, but it’s got the better Deaf Studies program, and I really do want the Deaf community that it does offer. And Deaf Studies as a major isn’t quite as impacted as other majors, so definitely keeping fingers crossed! So we will see…. please keep your fingers crossed for me, please!
 I’ll keep y’all updated!

Now now to the NaNoWriMo draft that I completed in November. I’m finally getting around to editing it. I know it will take me awhile, given how long it is. But I am so determined to do this! If any of you would be interested in reading it and giving me feedback on it – please let me know. I am editing it in pieces to make it feel more manageable to me – like 5 to 10 pages at a time. So yeah, I’ve got a few pages done so I’m slowly getting there. This is going to be a long process.

For any of you writers out there: Any tips on editing, or ways to attempt to make it smoother? Anything is welcomed!

So I am going to get going for now, but hopefully I’ll do better with posting more often!

Till then, Happy New Year and may it bring love and happiness to you all!


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