Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

So if you remember from a few posts ago, I’ve started playing around with felt. Well my latest project which I’m super proud of is I have made 2 felt octopus, that are totally adorable!

OctopusIsn’t it freaking adorable? This is the first one that I made – I made her on the 10th of June, and she took me almost 9 hours to make. But I’m so proud of her! ❤

So, I decided to be the crazy person that I am and make a second one, but this one wouldn’t be all one color – it would have rainbow tentacles. So I made it today, and it took me 4 hours shorter – just 5 hours. 😀 And I think it turned out pretty good!

DSCF8180DSCF8181DSCF8182DSCF8183It makes me really happy, with how it turned out! ❤

So this has been my latest crafty project. ^_^ And they are a bit of a challenge at times to make. Lots of small stitches, but hey, I’ve managed to do it twice now, and I’m happy with the results both times. That’s a plus, right? ^_^

Neither of these two cuties have names yet – I’m still waiting to figure out names that seem to work for them both. But we’ll see – and hopefully a name will come to me for them both! ^_^

Just wanted to share these adorable little octopuses with y’all!

Hope that you are all having a great June so far! 😀


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