Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

I’m here!

I made it down to Southern California, with no real issues. Moved in on Saturday got some things unpacked… then got dressed and headed with my roommate to the movie premier of No Ordinary Hero, a deaf themed movie. There were quite a few famous actors and actresses there including Marlee Matlin. At the after party, that I also went to, I actually got a picture with Marlee Matlin!!


Gah, still kinda on a high from meeting her – totally was amazing, I had this whole thing planned out of what I wanted to say to her if I met her, but everything kinda went out the window as soon as I saw her. I asked for a picture, took the picture with her and then wished her a happy birthday (it was her birthday that night. :]). But it was so the highlight of the night for sure!! :]

Yesterday, Sunday, was filled with more moving of boxes and unpacking and putting things away, and then classes started today… Monday – although technically it was yesterday, as it is after midnight now. The one class I had today went pretty good, got a few things done, tomorrow, I have to go and pay the remainder of what is due on my school account, yay for standing in lines. *laughs* Anyways, I’ll do my best to update my blog as best I can whenever I have time. :]

Hope that you all are doing well, and I will do my best to post sooner than this post took me to get up for y’all!


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