Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

The Greatest Irony


I just have to say, that a picture says a thousand words, and this to me speaks bucket loads.

It makes me sad, that basically with deaf children, parents aren’t encouraged to sign with them right off, because signing with them won’t make them ‘normal’ yet they are depriving their child of language and will cause language delays. Where as with hearing children, you’re encouraged to sign with them because it helps with language development… shouldn’t professionals be encouraging parents with deaf children to sign with them, because that way they will have a way of communicating and won’t be left behind with language skills later on?

Sorry, as a Deaf Studies major this really just bothers me, majorly.

Also, so sorry for lack of posts, I’ve been insanely busy. I’ll do my best to get a regular post up sooner rather than later – I’m going to try to sit down this weekend and write a post to catch you all up on what’s been going on.. there’s been a lot happening. *fingers crossed* Much love to you all!


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