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So, I seem to blog right before my birthday most years so I guess this is that post as I will be busy on my actual birthday, with other things, so yeah – my 25th birthday is fast approaching – it’s on Saturday – and it’s kind of mind bloggling to me.

I am not really sure what to think. It doesn’t help, that as much as I love Doctor Who, the 50th anniversary is on the same day as my birthday, so I have a count down, whether I like it or not, and that is just kind of driving me crazy. It is nice to know that the wait for the 50th is about to be over but at the same time, am I really ready for my birthday?

Honestly – not really. But I have to be I guess.

Just so crazy, that I will be 25. O.o Where have the years gone?

Anyways, that being said, it’s also mind boggling to me that we’ve got about a month left of school – where has the semester gone? This year has also gone by way too fast. It’s just crazy!

Also the weather, yes this is me being random, has gone colder – well not really cold by Northern California standards, but for Southern California, yes this is cold. It’s in the mid 60’s at the moment. But not quite cold enough yet for jackets and scarves, unfortunately. I wish it was – I miss wearing scarves. But I’ll get a chance to wear scarves over Winter Break, as I’ll be back up in colder NorCal – I’ll need to remember to pack my scarves, or rather give them to my parents when they visit this weekend, so I have more room in my suit case for flying home.

I do have quite a bit of school work to do, but thankfully I’ve already hit my 50k goal for NaNoWriMo (hit it on the 10th) and my inspiration to finish has kinda gone, but hey, 50k… not finished, but I ‘won’. >.< 3rd year in a row!! 😀 Not as insane of a win as last year, but hey, I’m still proud of myself. ^_^

Anyways, going to get going, get a few more snuggles in with the dog, before heading off to the library to study a bit before class this evening.

Hope that you all are doing well!



Comments on: "Doctor Who, Birthdays, NaNoWriMo, and Winter Break" (1)

  1. Kelly Ahola said:

    Nice report, Mol. Great job on your first semester down there. Can’t wait to see you for your bday! xoxo – mom

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