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Birthday Weekend

This past weekend has been a pretty amazing one – first off, I got to see my parents for the first time since August which was amazing.

We went down to Santa Monica to a hotel pretty close to the beach, it was really nice!

The day started with a slowish start, we went off to breakfast, which was lovely – we got to sit outside, it was not really that cold, it was a lovely morning. We went to the La Brea Tar Pits for the morning, and that was pretty awesome!

This is the largest active tar ‘pit’ that they have, that’s outside of the museum. I thought it was just crazy that it was right in the middle of the city, so there were high risers all around. Pretty neat though.

ImageWe then went into the museum, and here are a series of photos that I took in the museum itself, pretty neat and amazing!


This is just a small sample of photos that I got, but I didn’t want to have to sort through a ton of photos, but it was really amazing, the first two are actually the same skeleton, it’s a Antique Bison (pretty sure that is the name of it) skeleton. Then the next is me being silly with the skeleton of a saber-tooth cat, pretty crazy the size of those teeth! O.o Is it wrong of me to be glad that they’re extinct, that’d be scary if they were still around today! And then the last one is a skeleton of a Colombian Mammoth… with my dad as scale. That is one freaking big mammoth! O.O

But totally cool! We also went to their ice age presentation which gave more information on Project 23, which is a project that involves 23 different boxes of skeletons that were packaged up and moved when remains were found when workers were working on making an underground parking structure for the art museum next door. And they were working on going through all of those boxes and sorting and cataloging the remains of animals that were found there, pretty neat. They had a life size animatronic puppet saber-tooth cat – being a puppet as someone was inside it to walk it around, but the head and neck were controlled robotically by another person. Pretty neat!

It was really hard to get decent pictures of it as it was pretty much always moving, but I did get a few, here is one of them.

ImageThen we went outside to go and see some of the different pits, as well as Project 23, which were all outside. We definitely got stopped and distracted watching some of the other pits, which were active and fenced off – all of the pits were fenced off to stop people from getting too close.

I had fun getting a series of pictures of some of these liquid asphalt bubbles growing and popping, this is a few from one of those sets – I chose not to use all of them as it would be few, but this is towards the end, right before it popped. :]


ImageBefore we went over to see Project 23, and after watching a few more of these bubbles grow and pop and grow and pop a few times, it was oddly fascinating, we stopped at these statues of giant sloths that they had, and I just had to be silly and pose with one of them for a few pictures, here is one of them.

ImageThen we were off to Project 23, it was kind of hard to get photos of it, as it too was behind a fence, but I did get a few pictures.

ImageImageImageI chose to leave the last picture big so it’d be easier for y’all to read it a bit better. But I thought it was pretty cool. Sadly no one was out working as it was a Saturday, maybe they were on a break or just not working as it was the weekend? Who knows, but still pretty impressive, for sure! A lot of the other digs have been halted for like 5 years, I think I read, so they could all focus on this project.

We then headed back to Santa Monica and went over to the Pier to go and check out the Aquarium there, some pretty interesting animals, for sure! It wasn’t a big aquarium, but it was pretty educational.

Moon Jellyfish are beautiful creatures!

ImageJust a few pictures that I got that really don’t need any explination – we did get to see an exoskeleton of this lobster, which was pretty neat! 😀Image

And then Sharks, they’re little ones, thankfully.

ImageThen we headed back to the hotel – stopping to get pictures along the way – to watch the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

ImageThis is one of the pictures that we took on the way back to the hotel.

On the topic of the 50th, no worries, I won’t give any spoilers just in case any of y’all have not seen it, but it was fantastically fantastic and just amazing!! O.M.G…. SO BRILLIANT!! I loved it!! ❤

After the 50th anniversary episode, we walked back to the pier and had dinner at a restaurant on the end of the pier and then headed back to have cake, and head to bed.

Over all, it was a fantastic day, but exhausting, but totally amazing! I hated having to say bye to my parents today when they had to head back home, but I’ll be back with them for Christmas in less than a month – crazy that my first semester down here at CSUN is almost over! How fast this semester has flown by! O.o

Hope that you all are doing well.



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