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How time flies!

It really is shocking to me how fast this school year has flown by – here I am, in my dorm room, with most of my stuff all packed up around me… move out day is tomorrow. The question I ask myself, rather that I have been asking myself is, where has all the time gone?!

It is crazy to me how much things have changed since I moved down here – I have become a stronger person with the ability to stand up to people who don’t seem to understand the meaning of “Sorry, I can’t do that right now.” Sure it’s caused some tensions between me and the people involved, but hey, I somehow survived my first full year down here… it feels like yesterday that I was packing up my stuff at home and in the truck on the drive down here for school last August! How can it already be May??

I can say that I have gotten better with being able to keep most of my stuff from getting too much, it seems overwhelming at times – how much stuff it is, but it’s really not. When I look at my roommate’s stuff, her stuff takes up the whole living room – mine is just on my side of the bedroom, for the most part. So I have gotten better with controlling myself with how much stuff that I have with me. Only having the essentials, for the most part, helps a ton for sure! I know I will be leaving some of the stuff that I have right now at home when I move back down here next year, as it wasn’t really ever used. At least now I know what is needed and what isn’t, so that’s nice, at least.

Some huge developments that have come up:

I’m getting my AA in Deaf Studies from Sierra. The last class that I needed for that degree was my Intro to Deaf Studies class that I took last semester down here at CSUN and with asking them and all that, they’ve accepted it as that last class I needed – I’ll be walking for my degree in a week.

I also have a graduation date from CSUN – if things stick to plan, my move back down here in August will be my last time moving for school – unless I choose to go to grad school. I’ll be graduating from CSUN on the 22nd May 2015 – basically exactly a year after I walk for my degree at Sierra. Insane!Nothing more than that, but I really do want to know, where has the time gone?Also I really did mean to write more of these blog posts over the last year, but school just got insane and all of that, and I didn’t have the energy to even think about writing anything that wasn’t school related. I will find a way to get myself better at remembering to at least write short little posts. But we’ll see how that goes.For now, I wait for my roommate’s movers to come before heading down to wash a few things for today, as well as the drive home tomorrow, and possibly going to get food.Hope that you all are having wonderful days!


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  1. Great report, Mol! Great job, too! xo – m

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