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Starting to feel old

At least I’m sticking with this weekly blog so far. On Mondays, as best that I can.

So this past week, the younger of the two boys I used to nanny graduated from 8th grade. Totally crazy how fast people grow up! They’re getting so old. Those two boys are now in 9th and 10th grades.

It just makes me feel like time is just going so fast.

I remember that when I was younger, and thinking that I couldn’t wait till I grew up because being a grown up just seemed so much fun. But now that I am there with that group that I always wished that I was, I realize it isn’t just all fun, there is so much more that we need to worry about – money, etc… that we, as kids, don’t have to worry about.

Why is it that when you’re a kid, you just want to grow up? We want to grow up too fast these days, it seems. Time just goes so fast. that’s just something that I’ve been thinking about lately.

On other news, I had a photo shoot with a friend, I was the one getting the pics taken. For those of y’all who know me, this is huge, because I normally prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, but I had a friend who I know come and take them. And it was actually pretty fun! :] I can’t wait to see the pictures she took! Now to wait and be patient. 😛

When I do get them, I’ll share one or two on here so y’all can see some of them.

Ok, other than that, I really don’t have much to share, so I’m going to sign out. Hope that you all are doing well.

See y’all next week! 🙂


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