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So I’m now done with my first week of my second to last semester of my undergrad… and I’m asking myself, am I insane for trying to take 15 units (5 classes) this semester?

My answer is yes, I probably am, but can I do it? And the answer to that one is… YES… it may be a challenge and I may be buried under lots of reading and papers, as well as studying, but it is totally possible. We’ll see how this all goes, but I can do this and then just 4 more classes after this semester to go, and I’ll be graduating in May.

So it is crazy, in a way, to be back down here in Northridge again because I got so used to being back home, for close to 3 months, this summer. It really is fast how fast summer went. It really did just fly by! Not totally sure how, but it is almost September… Woah! Insane! O.o This year has just flown by. Not just summer. Time needs to learn to stop going so fast!

So I am currently procrastinating on doing reading for my classes – all my roommate are off doing things and I am once again stuck at school… *sighs* I guess I am just tired of having roommates who shove it in my face (without meaning to, I know) that they all have family or friends they can go out with, and I am the one here who’s stuck at school — they all kept telling me “you’re going to be here all alone.” Bleh, yeah, that so doesn’t help the homesickness that has already set in. :/ No fun! 😦 I miss my family and just the quiet of Coloma and all of that. 😦 And I’m stuck down here till December as there is no point to going home for just two or so days for Thanksgiving. D: I do love the community here, but it’s not the same as being at home.

But I can do this, I just have to learn to live with the homesickness like I did last year. (I was homesick for pretty much the entire time I was down here last year, it only got better when I went home for breaks. And I have to say that walking away from my family at the airport to fly back down to school…. omg, I hate it! D: So hard!)

Anyways, One week down, and I probably should stop ignoring my reading and just get it done, so I won’t have to worry about it.

I keep telling myself that I’ll blog more, we’ll see how this goes, but so far, I am all settled in here, and once again, the only one stuck here at school… while everyone else goes out… Oh well, it’s just how it goes. And it’s too hot for me to go out and do much of anything because it’s around 100 degrees Fahrenheit today… Too hot to venture out in! O.o No thank you! LOL!

Hope that y’all are having a good end of your summer (or end of your fall, depending on where you live).

See y’all around! :]



Comments on: "First week of my Second to last semester… finished" (3)

  1. Time will pass more quickly than you realize. I remember being super homesick when I studied abroad, it wasn’t easy, but I still look back on the experience fondly. Good luck getting all that reading done πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, last year went pretty fast – it’s just finding things to try to stay busy enough that the homesickness doesn’t take over. (I think with my full load this semester will take care of that.) Being down here is where I need to be, I know that much for sure, it’s just hard being so far from home. And thank you! I need all the luck I can get! πŸ˜›

      • I agree, keeping busy helps so much! Just don’t forget to stop and be, it will all be done before you even know it. Was just cleaning out my home office today and found all kinds of relics from college. Made me a bit nostalgic πŸ˜‰

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