Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

So first off, I Totally meant to blog more this semester – but it totally decided to swamp me with work. I guess I learned my lesson the hard way – that taking five upper division classes in one semester isn’t always the best plan for trying to keep one’s sanity.

But that being said – my last class was today – the 16th of December, and I’m headed off back up to home on Thursday afternoon. I’ve got one day of low key to pack and clean and get things set here to leave for a month. It’ll be marvelous to finally get to sleep in my own bed. And cuddle with my cat, I can’t wait to cuddle with him!

I now know that four classes is my max number of classes that I feel comfortable taking, and even then – that is still a stressful amount of classes to have to take, but I know I can do it. Five is just too many. I mean I somehow survived – I still am waiting on my grades from all five of them, but I hopefully passed them all. Keeping fingers crossed here.

It has been a crazy stressful semester – more trying in a lot of ways than most of the other ones I’ve had so far, which is saying a lot. There were lots of times when I felt that I just couldn’t do it… But I’m one semester away from my BA in Deaf Cultural Studies … I can do this, even if I feel like it’ll drive me crazy. Well I’m already crazy – I don’t know if I can get much crazier than I already am. But we’ll have to wait and see about that.

I need to try to have my Capstone project idea settled before I head back down here in January – I want to focus on something that I know I can find enough information on to do the project.. we’ll see.

Anyways, yet another semester under my belt, and I’m adding, once again, to the already INSANE number of units I already have.

I will do my best to post more, but who know how that’ll go. New Years Resolution (Even though I know it’s only December): Try to blog more. Hopefully I can keep it this time! If I can post a picture a day for over 100 days now on my instagram, I can blog more! Although, honestly, a picture a day is easier than a blog post – but one can try, right?

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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