Beauty, Genius & Absolute Ridiculousness

Alright, so as this post states, I’ve decided to start a blogging challenge maybe that’ll get me blogging more. It worked with the photo challenge, maybe I can get this to work with me!

I’ll start officially tomorrow – but I’ll start today with posting some facts about myself. :]

20 Random Facts About Myself

  1. I’m fluent in American Sign Language.
  2. I’ve fallen in love with traveling, even though I don’t have the money to travel nearly as much as I wish I could.
  3. I ABSOLUTELY love photography! Like love it – but it will only ever be a hobby to me.
  4. I’m a natural strawberry blonde, yet I’ve had a few people since I’ve made the move down to LA, ask me where I get my hair done.
  5. I’ve met John Barrowman, and totally forgot how to talk – despite getting to meet him twice in one day.
  6. When I get over stimulated, I tend to go into sign mode, and if I voice, people should consider themselves lucky.
  7. I’m an HSP, and there are times that I struggle with it, but at the same time, it is just who I am, and I can’t do anything to change it, so I might as well embrace it. And if people have an issue with this – well too bad, because I’m not changing for anyone but myself! I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, and proud of it! ❤
  8. I’m only one semester away from getting my BA in Deaf Studies.
  9. Even though I’m so close to being done, and have been in college for YEARS now… I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.
  10. I have trust issues – and when someone breaks my trust, it is REALLY hard to get me to trust again.
  11. I wish that I could learn spoken languages as easily as I’ve picked up ASL.
  12. I find myself signing along to songs now that I’m fluent – and yes, I mean signing – not singing, I sign along to songs. 😛
  13. My list of books to read keeps growing, yet I never am able to find enough time to actually read everything that’s on my list, one day, I’ll find the time! ❤
  14. I’ve always had bad self esteem issues, and sometimes I find myself having to force myself not to hide from my problems.
  15. My dream camera is either going to be a Nikon or a Canon – I don’t have a specific one I want, I just want one of those two… Preferably a Nikon, but I’ll definitely take a Canon… I’ll get one eventually!
  16. I wish that I could draw better – I can doodle, but I can’t really draw. I’ll stick to photography.
  17. I feel like I can express myself better online than I can in person.
  18. I’m an equestrian at heart, who’s been away from horses and riding for way too long – I so need to get back into working around horses again! I miss it so much!
  19. I am usually a pretty frugal person – I recently decided to splurge to get myself a new Nook (a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4), which I absolutely love! It’ll take some getting used to as it’s way more advanced than the one I used to have, but I love it! ^_^
  20. I have a really hard time making lists like these, this was way harder than I thought it would be!

Ok, so there you go – 20 random facts, sorry if they weren’t all that interesting, but I did my best, given that it’s after midnight. I will do my best to remember to do this every day for thirty days! ^_^ I can do this! 😀 Hope 2015 is going good for y’all! ❤

Santa Cruz flat ocean with seagulls


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