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So today… this happened.

Barrowmand and I (Color)I met John Barrowman. And oh my dear goodness. It was amazing. It was just absolutely amazing. This is something that I’ve hoped for… for quite awhile now, but I honestly never thought that it would ever be a thing. That it would never happen. It was just a dream… until today.

How did this happen you might ask? Well a few friends from school down here told me he was going to be a Comikaze – where I ended up meeting him – and if I could get my own ticket, I could go with them.

So long story short, my parents paid for it as my birthday present (Bought the VIP package – minimal waits in lines – and autograph and photo), and we went today,  and omg it was just amazing and magical.

It really truly was a dream come true. I would have more to say. I really do have more to say. But I’m so tired that I can’t seem to focus on anything long enough to actually write anymore. But yeah. This totally did happen and I know now that John Barrowman’s hugs are magical and absolutely wonderful.

Barrowman AutographAlso, he has really messy hand writing. But that doesn’t matter… it still makes me smile! 🙂


Now to go and buy two 8″x10″ frames for the two photos! Today was an epically amazing day and I will never forget it!


Yes, it’s almost November which means NaNoWriMo! I wasn’t originally going to at least just attempt it, but then I realized that if I didn’t. I would regret it. So I’m going to at least give it a go. We’ll see how this goes.

I also get to meet John Barrowman on the 2nd of November (which also happens to be my little brother’s 21st birthday)!! I’m super stoked to get to go and meet him!! 😀 That’ll be a blast, I’m getting a picture with him (also an autograph as well) and I’ve told my friends I’m going with that they need to remind me to voice, because I’m afraid that I’ll just completely forget how to speak and only sign. Hopefully I remember to talk. Haha!

That’s what my plans are for this coming month – also surviving (somehow) the last few weeks – coming down to about seven or so weeks left of the semester. Which is just insane!! Where has this year gone?!

Sorry I’ve not been blogging more – I keep meaning to and then school and life gets in the way, but I’m still here, occasionally blogging. I am doing a 100 Happy Days photo challenge over on Instagram -I’m over half way through. 🙂 For some reason I am better at remembering daily photos than writing blogs. Oops, my bad. 😛

I do hope that you all are doing well and have a fun and safe Halloween!


So I’m now done with my first week of my second to last semester of my undergrad… and I’m asking myself, am I insane for trying to take 15 units (5 classes) this semester?

My answer is yes, I probably am, but can I do it? And the answer to that one is… YES… it may be a challenge and I may be buried under lots of reading and papers, as well as studying, but it is totally possible. We’ll see how this all goes, but I can do this and then just 4 more classes after this semester to go, and I’ll be graduating in May.

So it is crazy, in a way, to be back down here in Northridge again because I got so used to being back home, for close to 3 months, this summer. It really is fast how fast summer went. It really did just fly by! Not totally sure how, but it is almost September… Woah! Insane! O.o This year has just flown by. Not just summer. Time needs to learn to stop going so fast!

So I am currently procrastinating on doing reading for my classes – all my roommate are off doing things and I am once again stuck at school… *sighs* I guess I am just tired of having roommates who shove it in my face (without meaning to, I know) that they all have family or friends they can go out with, and I am the one here who’s stuck at school — they all kept telling me “you’re going to be here all alone.” Bleh, yeah, that so doesn’t help the homesickness that has already set in. :/ No fun! 😦 I miss my family and just the quiet of Coloma and all of that. 😦 And I’m stuck down here till December as there is no point to going home for just two or so days for Thanksgiving. D: I do love the community here, but it’s not the same as being at home.

But I can do this, I just have to learn to live with the homesickness like I did last year. (I was homesick for pretty much the entire time I was down here last year, it only got better when I went home for breaks. And I have to say that walking away from my family at the airport to fly back down to school…. omg, I hate it! D: So hard!)

Anyways, One week down, and I probably should stop ignoring my reading and just get it done, so I won’t have to worry about it.

I keep telling myself that I’ll blog more, we’ll see how this goes, but so far, I am all settled in here, and once again, the only one stuck here at school… while everyone else goes out… Oh well, it’s just how it goes. And it’s too hot for me to go out and do much of anything because it’s around 100 degrees Fahrenheit today… Too hot to venture out in! O.o No thank you! LOL!

Hope that y’all are having a good end of your summer (or end of your fall, depending on where you live).

See y’all around! :]



Taken the 14th of July in New Mexico – a gorgeous Sunset. ❤

So I totally meant to blog more often this summer – but things keep happening causing this just happening… at least I’m here now.

I’ve only got a month left on my summer break, I have three roommates, and I look forward to meeting all of them. And I’ve already registered for my classes. It’s crazy that I’m a month away from starting my last year of undergrad! O.o How is this possible – crazy!

Last week mom and I were in New Mexico – I’ve attached a pic of one of the sunsets that I managed to capture on the drive on Monday. I love Monsoon season – so many gorgeous clouds! 😀 Totally makes my cloud loving side happy, that’s for sure!

I did have a reason for this blog, but now I’m totally forgetting what I was going to say – so much has happened, I just can’t find the words for it right now apparently.

Mmm, if I think of it, I will let y’all know – I’ll write a blog post about it if I do remember.


All of these pictures were all taken from the plane – so many gorgeous thunder storm cells that we had to fly around in the plane on our first flight to get to New Mexico. So gorgeous.

I do hope that everyone is having a great start to their week and I hope that it’s not too long before my next blog. I really do mean that I want to try to get into weekly blogs. I will get myself into a routine, on of these days that actually works.

Till next time!!

Starting to feel old

At least I’m sticking with this weekly blog so far. On Mondays, as best that I can.

So this past week, the younger of the two boys I used to nanny graduated from 8th grade. Totally crazy how fast people grow up! They’re getting so old. Those two boys are now in 9th and 10th grades.

It just makes me feel like time is just going so fast.

I remember that when I was younger, and thinking that I couldn’t wait till I grew up because being a grown up just seemed so much fun. But now that I am there with that group that I always wished that I was, I realize it isn’t just all fun, there is so much more that we need to worry about – money, etc… that we, as kids, don’t have to worry about.

Why is it that when you’re a kid, you just want to grow up? We want to grow up too fast these days, it seems. Time just goes so fast. that’s just something that I’ve been thinking about lately.

On other news, I had a photo shoot with a friend, I was the one getting the pics taken. For those of y’all who know me, this is huge, because I normally prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, but I had a friend who I know come and take them. And it was actually pretty fun! :] I can’t wait to see the pictures she took! Now to wait and be patient. 😛

When I do get them, I’ll share one or two on here so y’all can see some of them.

Ok, other than that, I really don’t have much to share, so I’m going to sign out. Hope that you all are doing well.

See y’all next week! 🙂

Finally have it…

I said that I would be doing my best to posting weekly blogs this summer, so at least I’m sticking good to that, so far at least.

Not much has happened this past week, other than commencement from Sierra College this past Friday.

635365564242922650So it’s official. I have my AA in Deaf studies from Sierra College.

It’s kind of surreal having this degree. The fact that I’ve been going at school now for 7 years – to finally have my degree, and a year away from my BA in Deaf Cultural Studies.

So I’m not really sure what I want to say, as I really don’t have much to really update y’all on as I’ve not really been up to much other than laying low and relaxing over the past week that I’ve been home. Which is pretty lovely as I don’t get a lot of free time when I’m in full school mode. It is taking me awhile to get used to not having anything school related to really have to do. So strange, but you won’t find me complaining.

So I just feel like I’m rambling now because I am not fully sure of what I am going to say. So I think I will sign off here, so this will be shorter than usual, but I’d rather not have a long rambling blog entry.

See y’all next week!! 🙂

Being Back Home

So I made the move back home for summer, this is strange, but it’s a good strange.

It made me realize how much I got used to the sirens and the loudness of living in the city – coming back home, sure there are cars that go by, but it so much quieter than my school town. It made me realize that I will always be a country girl, no matter where I live.

My first night home, I fell asleep at like 9 pm – with my window open, with my screen in, and on top of my blankets. I woke up around midnight, and only had the energy to crawl under my quilt and fell back to sleep, only after grabbing my phone and posting the following status to facebook: Oh crickets, darkness without streetlights, cool river breezes and quiet – how I have missed you!! So good to be home.

Just waking up, and being able to have my curtains cracked, and not being woken up by a light outside the bedroom window, and actually being able to hear crickets and feel the breeze of the river… it just made me feel very thankful to be able to have this, even if it is just for a few months.

I know that since moving down to CSUN that I have changed – I know that. It has made me stronger with the ability to say no if I need to. It’s been a challenging year, that’s for sure. But I know that I can do this. I sure hope that I can. I just have one more year to go, and then I’ll probably be on the hunt for a job, because I know that I need a break. I’m still trying to decide if I want to go to grad school, but I’ll take that step when I get there, if I do want to. We’ll see.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy being home where it isn’t as crazy as living in the city. Sure, we do live right on a road, but I have not heard a single siren since I moved back – I’ve only been here a few days but back at school, sirens were almost a nightly occurrence – didn’t even have to be at night. It was during the day as well. So this is a very welcomed break!

Just planning on enjoying summer as much as I can, and taking advantage of being back where it isn’t just all concrete and roads and craziness. That’s my plan for now. 🙂

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