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Day 11 – May

11. Something Fun

MY NEW NOOK COLOR (that I got today for free from a friend)!
-squee- I’m in love with it already! It’s amazing. The book that I’ve got open on it at the moment is Frostbite. Now that I’ve got a bigger screen that doesn’t require me to turn on my computer but at the same time doesn’t mean that I have to read on my iPod I’m so re-reading this series!


Day 17

Day 17 – Last FO you used

Haha, well, using photography as my topic, I’m kinda cheating but this is the last FO I used but it was made by my awesome friend Dez! ❤ I love my hat!


Day 15

Day 15 – A new skill

I have to say that my rainbow eggs qualify as a new skill – I’m in love with their awesome rainbow-ness!

Ok, back to homework. Haha! Fun fun fun! /SARCASM!/

Day 14


Day 14 – Where you craft

I love to take pictures outdoors – that’s where the clouds are… Duhhhhh! 😉

Sorry for such short posts lately. I’ve been posting from my iPod wordpress app and I’m not a total fan of typing a lot on a small touch screen. Lol.

Ok. Off to try to sleep – got a long day today!


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