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Day 12

Day 12 – A Craft Gift

[This was a water colour made for me by my awesome Australian friend, Dez, and it it awesome and makes me want to do more water colours… why did I have to leave my water colour stuff at home. :(]

I had fun messing around with it as well with some effects on my iPod, which is my primary camera for the time being till my camera decides to make an appearance again.

I’m also procrastinating on homework, although I did get my Critical Thinking homework done… But I still have my Crit Thinking movie to watch as well as my reading for that class to do as well, as well as do my ASL presentation prep. >.<

And now I’m just trying to wait for 12 more minutes till it’s midnight and officially the 12th here.

Because I want to wait till it’s realy day 12, to post my Day 12 Pic. Makes sense, right?

So, I guess, you just have to deal with my rambling fingers till then. I’m listening to Pandora on my iPod and I’m finding myself signing along with some of the songs, the words and phrases I know in sign. >.< Oh, the joys of being an ASL student! I seem to sign all the time now, my others teachers who know me by now, notice it. >.< Oops!

I guess trying to sit on my hands doesn’t work … DARN! 😛

Oh, it was so funny, on Tuesday in my Critical Thinking, Johnnie was telling us about some study questions that he has up on our class website to go over when we read the next book that we have to read and he was was getting a lot of people going “I don’t remember you showing us….” when he clearly had, just weeks and weeks ago — like at the beginning of the semester. And I spoke up and was like “Johnnie, I remember.” And he was like “Who said that?” And I raised my hand, and he pointed to me and went “Extra Credit.” And then “Molly, you’re now my classroom monitor. I’ll point to you, and then I’ll point to someone and you say ‘Shut the Hell Up.’ Because if I say it, I’ll get in trouble.” ROFL! And I started laughing so hard that I totally failed in saying what he wanted me to say, because I couldn’t get the words out around my laughter. Oh, I so love him! He’s such an amazing teacher! ❤ He also loves Haikus, although that that was the week before Spring Break, but he totally got me stuck in them. But basically every single class, he makes me laugh. Such an amazing person, and teacher! ❤ Very easily approachable as well! <33

Yay, my rambling is paying off! I’ve only got five more minutes to go!

At least this long post is making up for my lack of long posts right?

Although if you have gotten this far, I applaud you! Because I’m really just letting my fingers ramble on – not even sure if I’m making any sense at all. >.<

Because most of the time when I let my fingers do this, they totally take over.

OH! Yes! I’m going to a dance on Saturday night, and I’m actually super excited! One of my friends is doing my hair up, and my shoes I wore for Prom are going to get to get worn again… although, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll actually wear them, because they scare me and I hate walking in them. >.< Flats are safer, right? Haha! But we’ll see.

Anyways, I’m sure some photos will make their way onto here after the dance. I’ll  be bringing my iPod with me, to get pics during the dance. 🙂

Anyways, it just turned midnight here, so posting this now. To those of you who made it all the way through this, thanks! Have a Wonderful DAY!!


PS, for some annoying reason, it says the 11th April next to this post for when I posted it, but I swear, it was after midnight on the 12th. xD -sigh- So much for waiting up till the last minute…… -headdesk- Annoying date not being right! 😦


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