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I spaced and Time Flew By


Taken the 14th of July in New Mexico – a gorgeous Sunset. ❤

So I totally meant to blog more often this summer – but things keep happening causing this just happening… at least I’m here now.

I’ve only got a month left on my summer break, I have three roommates, and I look forward to meeting all of them. And I’ve already registered for my classes. It’s crazy that I’m a month away from starting my last year of undergrad! O.o How is this possible – crazy!

Last week mom and I were in New Mexico – I’ve attached a pic of one of the sunsets that I managed to capture on the drive on Monday. I love Monsoon season – so many gorgeous clouds! 😀 Totally makes my cloud loving side happy, that’s for sure!

I did have a reason for this blog, but now I’m totally forgetting what I was going to say – so much has happened, I just can’t find the words for it right now apparently.

Mmm, if I think of it, I will let y’all know – I’ll write a blog post about it if I do remember.


All of these pictures were all taken from the plane – so many gorgeous thunder storm cells that we had to fly around in the plane on our first flight to get to New Mexico. So gorgeous.

I do hope that everyone is having a great start to their week and I hope that it’s not too long before my next blog. I really do mean that I want to try to get into weekly blogs. I will get myself into a routine, on of these days that actually works.

Till next time!!


Day 3 – May

3. Clouds

Oh my gosh! I have to say when I saw clouds as one of my prompts I totally giggled and squealed and did a happy dance as I LOVEEEEEE CLOUDS! One of my nicknames is Cloud Girl, can you tell why? I’ve got so many could pics it was hard to pick which ones I wanted to put into this collage. But I do have to say, this collage makes me happy!

-dance dance- CLOUDS!!!!!!!!!! 😀 ❤

Day 14


Day 14 – Where you craft

I love to take pictures outdoors – that’s where the clouds are… Duhhhhh! 😉

Sorry for such short posts lately. I’ve been posting from my iPod wordpress app and I’m not a total fan of typing a lot on a small touch screen. Lol.

Ok. Off to try to sleep – got a long day today!


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