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Almost another year older…

So, I just realized that my birthday is in like 9 days (the 23rd), and is it sad that I am not really excited about it? Like I get that when you are younger it is a huge deal – celebrating, and the like. But I have noticed that as I get older, I really do not want to do anything for my birthday.

And I know some people who just don’t seem to understand this – I would MUCH rather have a low key birthday than go out and celebrate, only because celebrating to them means loud places with lots of people, both of which I do not get, and like. I do not handle loud places well and I get overwhelmed with too many people.

Plus I do not have a lot of spare cash, and so low-key fits that so much better! *shrug* Plus most of who want to see me, are in my school town, and I will be at home for the holiday – Thanksgiving – as my birthday falls the day after Thanksgiving…. sooo yeah… >.< And then NaNoWriMo is this month too – although having passed the 50k word goal in the dust ages ago – passed it a week ago – I guess it’s just writing and finishing my novel – I am aiming for 100k — at 70k at the moment, but we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Anyways, yeah, I don’t honestly get the big hype that birthday parties are – mainly because the last few parties I have attempted to throw flopped badly, so I kinda have given up for the time being with throwing them. I am sick if people deciding that they can not come like the day before…. blah… anyways, so yeah — that may be another reason I am against celebrating – well not against celebrating, mainly just having parties. If that makes any sense?

Honestly, I wish that people would understand that when I say that I am not really one to want to have a party – that does not mean that I do not want to celebrate, but also when I say that I am busy, and really can not take too much time off to hang out to celebrate – understand that it doesn’t mean that I do not love you, I do — I just have a crazy life right now. >.<

Anyways, I think I need to either go and focus on getting some of my homework done – or writing letters – I have letters to write for Soldiers’ Angels. Or just spacing our or Noveling. We’ll see how this goes.

Although Torchwood sounds more interesting at the moment *shakes fist* BARROWMAN! ❤

Oh, also, I want to do 14 things I am thankful for – given that it is the 14th:

I AM THANKFUL FOR (in no particular order):

1) My parents – they are so supportive of me, and willing to help me out with whatever I chose to do with my life. ❤

2) The opportunity to get an education.

3) All of the colours that are on campus right now – beautiful

4) My NaNo Buddies – who make writing fun

5) My friends – You all are amazing, never forget that

6) Those who I know who are accepting of everyone – you all make it easier for me to just be myself.

7) Teachers who make learning fun! ❤

8) My imagination – without it I think the world would be a boring place

9) Traveling – even though I have not done much of this, I love it

10) My brother – keep following your dreams, I am so proud of you!

11) ASL – and how I have found where I am meant to go with my life

12) Rainbow Alliance – And accepting me in, even though I am a strange one, who sometimes doesn’t feel like being super social.

13) Giggles and laughter – because without the world would be boring without these

14) Music – because that to helps keep the world a happy place, without music, life would be dull

So, there y’all go! ❤

Hope that you all are doing well!



Day 23 – May

23. Sunset

So, here y’all go! Collage of Beautiful Sunset pictures that I’ve taken over the past few years. ❤ All taken by me! ❤

I just love the colors that come with sunsets! Sooooo pretty, from the vivid colors to more subtle colors as well! ❤

Hope that y’all enjoy my collage that I made, picking one would have been too hard! Although finding this many within my many albums of facebook was challenging in it’s own right! Haha! 😛

Day 23

Day 23 – Inspiration from clothes

I can not claim credit for this picture (it’s one I found on Google images) but I am in love with the varied colours! ❤
Reminds me of a sunset! ❤ ❤

Day 22

Day 22 – Contrasts

Because I’m feeling semi- clever, (and also because I’m too lazy to go out into the hotness outside) – I give you contrasts between seasons as seen on this pic I drew for the game Draw Something on my iPod. I’m hooked on this game! It’s awesome!! ❤

Day 6

Day 6 – Color

As you can see, I just love color! ❤ Color makes me want to share my photos with people!

So once again I did a collage of photos. ❤


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