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I’m the WriMo Robot – who is insane!

So, I just have to brag and gloat, and I am not getting around to this only due to my hands totally hating me yesterday – although I got over it, and signed through the issues last night (ran into a friend of a friend who knows ASL and we kiiiiiinda went to town – what a blast that was – only signing back and forth. Totally amazing).

Anyways, I am doing NaNoWriMo this year, and I am feeling completely empowered at the moment as I managed to already hit 50,000 words in *drum rooooooll* 7 days! My novel is no where near finished so I am definitely not stopping there, but I am hoping to get to 75k or something like that. We’ll see where these characters go! ❤ But I am feeling great at the moment, despite keeping myself back from writing for two straight days – no writing today… not allowed. HAHA! ❤

Just wanted to share that achievement with you all!

And omg, before I leave, I have to share something else, and I do have a picture that I will include as well. SO this past week – well Tuesday the 6th through Thursday the 8th was Pride Days on my school campus and one of our presenters that we had was Ann Bannon – the Queen of Lesbian Pulp Fiction from the 50’s – and she came to give a presentation and I managed to get a picture with her!!! Freaking amazing!

All around, it was a great week – an insane week – filled with lots of awesome memories and accomplishments.
Good luck to all of you peoples doing NaNo this month! You all can do it! I have faith in you! ❤
It is most definitely possible to do around school, while being sick… it’s just harder, but not impossible!

Happy Writing! ❤


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