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Day 5 – July

Day 5 – On the Floor (well, not really, but it counts right?) Haha!

So, here I go, my neighbor’s adorable little girl. ❤ Trying to get my phone, which is what I used to take this picture. ^-^

Love you girlie! You’re so cute!


Day 31 – May

31. Beloved Pet

so, here’s my baby – my big kitty, Midnight (and me) – a self taken picture btw.


And wow! I did this again. I guess I’ll take a month off, to just give myself a bit of a break, because starting on the 12th of June, I’m starting work. I’ll do my best to post, but it probably won’t be daily posts as it is with my photo a day posts.

Anyways, hope that you all had a great month of May and see y’all in June! ❤

Day 24 – May

23. Smile

Just another collage of pics – my boys I nanny for (from last summer), my brother (from last summer) and then me (from about 2 years ago and then basically a year ago – in a few days). 🙂

All old pictures, as I don’t usually take pictures of people. Although I can’t claim the picture of my brother, because mum actually took that one, but I love it so I included it – he’s actually graduating high school on Saturday.

Crazy crazy! But a huge congrats to you bro!! ❤ Love you!

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